Complete coordination by CG: we’ll take it out of your hands

Our client, a religious organisation, wanted to find the best way to incorporate different views regarding religion and spirituality in their communication materials. This was a worldwide research study coordinated from America. CG facilitated the fieldwork that needed to be conducted in the Netherlands.

The five focus groups and five individual interviews were held with members of the religious organisation as well as participants from other religions, agnostics and atheists. CG facilitated the entire study: 55 respondents were recruited. Members of the religion were recruited via the network of the client. Non-members were recruited from our own panel and screened using the client’s segmentation tool.

CG Venues hosted this project at our research venue in Amsterdam and CG Professionals provided the senior qualitative moderator, the experienced interpreter, and a translator for all the documents.

After three days of fieldwork and with a budget of 14.000 euro our client now knows how to reach the biggest audience with their communication material.

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