Take your chance to ask 5 questions to 500 Dutch respondents (general public 18-70 years) against a very friendly budget. In May, June, July, September and October, CG will conduct a research in which 6 customers per session can take part. What can you do with this check?

  • Your thermometer in the market: Of which subject would you like to know if the consumer changed his/her behaviour during these turbulent times? When do people expect to be able to go on holiday again, or when will they do considerable investments again? Did the consumer buy your product via the ‘out-of-home’ channels in the last months?

  • Test your concept: You and your team probably have a lot of new ideas for product concepts, marketing campaigns and more.  This is your chance to get a first feeling if the concept is worth to develop any further.

  • Make decisions: You have two variants for a campaign in mind. The CG FactCheck is the perfect way to do an A/B test. It is not only a ‘beauty’ contest, but you also gain justification on what variant A and variant B will do for your brand. The possibility to add an open question will definitely contribute to this.

  • Your own PR moment: You can decide on which subject you want to focus by giving the opinion of The Netherlands on a certain subject. You get attention from your target group and redirect them to an interesting article on your website that they can download. This way you gain leads and you can provide them with an offer right away, which will lead to extra turnover.

  • Create a certain rhythm: Let your team stay active and keep collecting insights.

  • Survey: 4 multiple choice and 1 open question

  • Sample: 500 participants (dutch general public)

  • Reporting: Fact sheet with key insights

  • Data: in SPSS and / or Excel

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Floris Leupen
Floris LeupenResearch Consultant

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Take your chance to ask 5 questions to 500 Dutch respondents (general public 18-70 years) against a very friendly [...]