Get the most out of your quantitative research: 5 tips for marketers

It’s not a simple task: making a good briefing. The result of a poor briefing is (in the best case) lots of lost time. But it can get worse. It could even be that the research does not give you the right results. And you end up making bad decisions. This can be prevented! If making a briefing isn’t something you do daily the following tips will help you get the most out of (quantitative) research.

1. Get to the point

Try to explain briefly why you would like to conduct this study. Sounds like such a simple assignment, but often this is hard to put on paper. At first, try not to think about all the questions you want to ask your target group, but sketch the outlines.

What is the underlying purpose of your research and what insights do you need?

Tip 1. Kom tot de kern
kwantitatief onderzoek tip Wie gaan er met de uitkomsten aan de slag

2. Who is going to work with the results

That often determines the approach and presentation of the results. Consider, for example, the management team who wants to see conclusions to base their decision on, the innovation team that needs research results in details to include or exclude in their final design.

In addition, there are specific factors that play a role in a research that will be used for PR purposes. CG knows how to get to a study that is well substantiated and leads to a strong press release. Consider the size and composition of the sample, objective research question and the translation into catchy headlines. Make it so your PR research will be taken seriously and picked up by the press.

3. About who do you want to make a statement

This is often your (potential) target group. Sometimes you do not know exactly what your intended customer looks like yet. Then we can take that into account and get the target group description from the research. Perhaps you make assumptions about your customers and the research can help you see things more objectively and substantiate these assumptions.

Also, something to think about: do you only want to focus on the total (target) group in the analysis or do you also want to zoom in on specific subgroups (such as differences between age groups).

kwantitatief onderzoek tip Over wie wil je een uitspraak doen
kwantitatief onderzoek tip Wat kan en wil je zelf doen

4. What can, and do you want to do yourself

Do you enjoy creating a survey yourself, but hate working with SPSS or Excel? Indicate what parts of the work you prefer to do yourself and what we can do for you. For example, you can first only ask to deliver the plain data and then decide to get the research report delivered as well.

5. Deadlines and budget

When do you need your insights? Let us know and you will receive advice on the most suitable solution. Although we understand the answer is 9 out of 10 times “as quickly as possible!”

It is useful to know what you want and can spend on your research. Of course, this is not mandatory, and you do not have to share exact amounts. However, for us it does help enormously to receive an indication so that expectations are clear. It saves lots of time and makes it gives us the opportunity to deliver the results “as quickly as possible!”

Deadlines en budget

Do you need a briefing form?

Recently we made an easy to use briefing form for Riedel (producer of, among others, Appelsientje, Coolbest and Taksi).

Do you find it useful to compile your own briefing form with us? Let us know. We are happy to help you with it.

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