Internationaal Research

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CG pushes your limits

Do you want to do research abroad? CG international research will make it happen.

Participants in Manhattan, moderators in India, venues in Germany or skype interviews all around the world? Quantitative as well as qualitative, we have the contacts and the drive to make it happen.

In cooperation with our partners around the world, we will find the best way to make your international project successful at a great price.

Curious as to how we are gonna take your international research to the next level? Contact one of our experienced client service managers. They will take you on a journey around the world.

  • Our customer satisfaction gets a 4.4 out of 5

  • In cooperation with more than 60 partners

  • Qualitative, quantitative and online communities

  • ISO certification 20252 and 26362 for our project management proces, member of ESOMAR and MOA FairData



What do clients say about our CG?

‘We like to work with CG regarding recruitment for international research. They know the right local recruiters to contact in a lot of countries, which saves us a lot of trouble. Till this day we are also very happy with the quality of the participants that were provided.’
‘We wanted to do qualitative research in the Netherlands, Germany and France regarding a (new) concept at our bank. These sessions were to be done in 5 fast and short sprints.

So we were looking for a party who could facilitate those sprints. We reached out to multiple parties who were quite similar in price and quality. We choose CG because they showed the most entrepreneurial spirit in our interview a “wir schaffen es” mentality.

CG lived up to these expectations throughout the whole research process. With these sprints it is essential that information is transferred quickly and that everyone can cope with that. Naturally, without compromising the quality of the process. It was not an easy challenge. The target audience of private bankers is very hard to recruit and the moderators need to have an extensive knowledge of finance. Yet CG succeed in facilitating our international project and did it well. That is why we started a second project with CG.’

‘We often work with CG to get in touch with our consumers throughout Europe. Skype is an easy and cost efficient way to speak with our consumers and gather valuable insights. I like working with CG because they are capable to recruit the right participants throughout Europe in a short amount of time, and that saves us a lot of stress.’
Astrid Pieterse, Senior Category Business Partner Food Europe Unilever

International Research

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Want to know more about international research?

Floris Leupen
Floris LeupenResearch Consultant
Floris is the researchers of the online research team. With his years of experience at GfK he likes to take on a complex research challenges.
Renske van der Mooren
Renske van der MoorenClient Service Manager
Renske is responsible for supplying all the facilities we offer during researches and meetings. She makes sure you have absolutely everything you need at our venues.