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Would you like to get better acquainted with your target audience? Test a new concept or find out what’s your brands awareness? Good quality market research is the answer to all your questions. And good quality market research is what we at CG excel at.

Whatever you need, we can make it happen! Looking for participants for qualitative research,  full online research, research venues and research professionals? We have them all lined up and ready to deliver the best experience possible.

As experienced and flexible research partners we can provide you with the best facilities and services to help get the best results; fast, reliable and at a great price. With the help of our panel, our venues and our motivated team we facilitate thousands of successful projects a year.

We work for anyone who would like to be involved in quality research. Many research bureau’s, universities, start-ups and multinationals are already part of our extensive network. So whatever you require with your specific project, we will make sure it will be a success.

  • Customer satisfaction 4,2 out of 5

  • 15 years knowledge and experience

  • 85 members of staff and experts

  • Our own extensive panel

  • 3 research venues

  • 65 internationale partners

  • ISO certification 20252 and 26362, members of ESOMAR and MOA FairData


What do clients say about CG?

‘I really like working with CG on online research. Asspecialy with combined quali-quanti projects, they know how to take my stress away. They facilitate the entire quantitative research so I can focus on the qualitative research. Very nice!’
Cindy van Cauter, Owner of Quotus Research
‘We wanted to do qualitative research in the Netherlands, Germany and France regarding a (new) concept at our bank. These sessions were to be done in 5 fast and short sprints. So we were looking for a party who could facilitate those sprints. We reached out to multiple parties who were quite similar in price and quality. We choose CG because they showed the most entrepreneurial spirit in our interview a “wir schaffen es” mentality. CG lived up to these expectations throughout the whole research process. With these sprints it is essential that information is transferred quickly and that everyone can cope with that. Naturally, without compromising the quality of the process. It was not an easy challenge. The target audience of private bankers is very hard to recruit and the moderators need to have an extensive knowledge of finance. Yet CG succeed in facilitating our international project and did it well. That is why we started a second project with CG.’

‘What i liked about CG that we could start recruiting my participants within a few hours. Even Though it was not the easiest target audience to reach. With their experience they knew how to ask the best questions to specify our recruitment criteria without me guiding them. That was very nice. All the participants were present on the research day. It was also very nice to have a few participants with likely an immigrant background. In my opinion that is a group whose opinions are very often missing from market research.’

Rob Geerlings, Counselor Market Intelligence at CZ

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