Target group: people who eat dairy for breakfast between the ages of 25 and 40

Sample: N = 30

Budget: € 3,900

Our client wants to introduce a new dairy product to the market en wishes to have more insight in the choices the consumer makes when choosing a dairy based breakfast. This way, they want to make sure the packaging is attractive to a larger target group.

Follow your target group closely

In the online community, respondents were followed closely. The respondents made a video each morning while eating their favourite dairy product for breakfast, and took us to the supermarket with them. This way Anna from Haarlem told us that she buys her breakfast at the train station each morning. When choosing her breakfast, she is taking the amount of protein in a product into account. This is important for her because she works out a lot. In her video, you can see her checking the nutrition facts on the packaging. Which can be kind of difficult with all these small letters. Wendy from Amersfoort finds it important that the dairy product is a creamy yogurt. Two variants are placed on a table and in each video it shows that her kids choose the creamy kind. She buys her breakfast for the whole upcoming week on each Sunday in the supermarket. She takes her time to choose the different flavours for the whole week.

Specific insights for the marketing team

By seeing videos and photos, the marketing team gets insight in the actual life of the consumer. The images make the experience really valuable. A mother pays attention to the amount of added sugar when purchasing a product, but the kids put in some syrup or cornflakes full of added sugar when eating it. When folding the yogurt container to put it in the trash can, the youngest daughter gets a remaining blob of yogurt on her trousers. The stories people tell regarding their experiences give the brand an emotional value.

Because of the great insight in how consumers use the product, the packaging could be improved a lot. More important, the user experiences, videos and photos are still on top of the marketing team’s mind. They still refer to respondents from the community during discussions and meetings.


I just wanted to let you know that we have been really impressed with the quality of recruitment and their responses on the platform.

Emma Boustead, Partner Relationship Manager at Brand Dynamics

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