The power of our recruitment and selection

15 years of hard work

Over the last 15 year our panel has grown by the help of our involved panel members. In earlier days primarily by word of mouth but nowadays exceedingly by social media. We invite our panel member to reach out to their own networks, so we can reach even more enthusiastic participants. During the last 15 years we also merged with panels like the RVR-panel, the YoungWorks youth panel and the Van Hellemond&Co panel. Thus creating a diverse and involved community of 80.000 panel members!

A rich and divers panel

Our panel is suitable for all kinds of research, qualitative focus groups, online questionnaires, large scale tasttests or online communities, not a problem for the CG penal.
Because our panel is used for multiple research methods we’ve come to know a lot about our panel member. Besides the standard socio-demographic data we also know a lot of details about our panels consumer behaviour. With this rich background we can easily focus on you target audience.

Treasure our panel

We at CG treasure our panel. We are ISO certified for out panel management and we constantly monitor our panel member based on satisfaction rates. Not only do we we encourage them to provide us with feedback and points of improvement, our panel managers work tirelessly on expanding our current panel. Besides selecting research participants from our own database we excel at recruiting participants through social media campaigns, street recruitment and from client lists.

Quality and hallmarks

Our three ISO certifications (for panel management, the quantitative and the qualitative research process), the research hallmark and our membership of the MOA, FairData and Esomar testify to our optimized process and rigorous quality procedures.

  • Our own extensive panel

  • ISO 20252 certified for the qualitative research process

  • ISO 20252 certified for the quantitative research process

  • ISO 26362 certified for panel management

  • Member of MOA FairData

  • Member of Esomar International Research

Our panel

Want to know more about our quality control?

Bryan van Klaveren
Bryan van KlaverenManager Operations
As Manager Operations Bryan is responsible for the qualitative research projects at CG. He decides on a strategy for selecting the participants and with focused actions works on making every project successful.
Niels Vertelman
Niels VertelmanScripter
Niels has been with CG since 2007 and is responsible for scripting both qualitative and quantitative research projects, he also supports the project managers and the client service managers.