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Being a part of CG means working in the most fun and challenging company in West-Friesland. Our team makes good research possible. Our goal? Being a part of all market research and providing added value for our clients. How do we reach our goal? We believe in fun, responsibility and top quality service.

CG works with a horizontal hierarchy and managers that function best among the rest of the employees. Multiple teams work every day on being able to provide the best services. Furthermore a few lean and mean scrum teams work on short term goals to better our services, competences and work joy.

We believe in trial and error. Do you have a new idea? Then we will work it out, have a trial and if it’s successful imply it to future dealings. Not as good as expected? No problem, together we’ll keep looking for the next new idee. Dare to fail, dare to grow!

We give a great of responsibility to our employees. We work from a trust and a save environment. Everyone creates their own awesome job. CG doesn’t work with tasks we work with responsibilities. So we don’t cling to set job descriptions. We look at the people, their needs, tallents and wishes within CG.

This is reflected in our hiring process. After a first round of screening by our HR department we host a GC cafe. At this event we invite the selected few who made it through our screening process to meet a few of their future colleagues. In this casual setting we get to know one another and look for a mutual click. This click will be the deciding factor in who will be the new part of our team. With this method we create a verified but fitting team that will guarantee success and fun in the CG work environment.

  • Our core values are fun, responsibility and top quality service

  • We believe in trial and error

  • CG has a horizontal hiërarchie which has managers and employees side by side

  • We look at the people, their needs, talents and wishes within CG.

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Team CG

Vera Pentinga
Vera PentingaTeam Coordinator
Vera is the a center in the CG network. She receives internal and external information and makes sure it ends up with the right people are actions that are needed are put into motion. A function with a lot of sub-tasks, but that is what keeps her sharp and what makes it fun. When we receive a last minute recruitment project she will jump on the opportunity to make it all happen right on schedule.
Bryan van Klaveren
Bryan van KlaverenProject manager
As project manager Bryan is responsible for the qualitative research projects at CG. He decides on a strategy for selecting the participants and with focused actions works on making every project successful.
Niels Vertelman
Niels VertelmanScripter
Niels has been with CG since 2007 and is responsible for scripting both qualitative and quantitative research projects, he also supports the project managers and the client service managers.
Elna Roosendaal
Elna Roosendaal Operator
As senior phone operator every one of our clients has been in touch with Elna. Either through phone, Whatsapp, email or facebook, she has been the voice of CG for more that 7 years.
Renske van der Mooren
Renske van der MoorenVenue Manager
Renske is responsible for supplying all the facilities we offer during researches and meetings. She makes sure you have absolutely everything you need at our venues.
Lisanne Jong
Lisanne JongVenue Coordinator
Lisanne makes sure you have nothing to worry about if you spent a day at our venues. She is the link between the client and our team of hosts and hostesses on the venues.
Claire Schmitz
Claire SchmitzAccount Manager
After nearly ten years of being a quantitative researcher Claire decided in 2016 that she wanted to continue her career in the research business as account manager at CG. She not only makes clients happy but she makes sure they stay happy.
Tom Groot
Tom GrootProject manager
As project manager Tom is responsible for a project from start to finish. He makes sure the clients are kept in the loop about every development within the project and makes sure everything runs smoothly between departments.
Ruud Kok
Ruud KokClient Service Manager
Ruud is passionate about making sure that every participants selection is done right, and that at the end of the day we have satisfied clients. He is a real team player, he can handle a multitude of challenges and is very helpful.
Stefan Roosendaal
Stefan RoosendaalProject manager
Stefan has been working for CG since the beginning of his communication studies. After graduating and a trip through Asia he came back to us and took up a job as project manager. On a daily basis Stefan makes sure we all have a good time at the office and at the same time makes sure we deliver quality work.
Jolanda Slim
Jolanda SlimClient Service Manager
Jolanda makes sure that trough good communication with the client we can deliver a great end result. She has had a successful day if she could brainstorm with clients and with that information is able to get the best respondents for their research.
Arjan Veninga
Arjan VeningaManaging Director
Happy clients and happy coworkers, that is what Arjan as managing director is driving his team to achieve every day. With this job his experience at companies such as KPN and the Chamber of Commerce comes in handy.
Floris Leupen
Floris LeupenResearch Consultant
Floris is one of the founding researchers within the online research team. With his years of experience at a.o. GfK he likes to take on a challenge with the more complex research requests.
Paula Borst
Paula BorstClient Service Manager
Paula equals happy clients. She has had a successful day if the most challenging assignments run as smoothly as possible. She has made sure everything is taken care of for the last 10 years.
Sanne Bakker
Sanne BakkerProject Coordinator
Sanne stands for quality, speed and flexibility. With a watchful eye she stay on top of every active project.
Alexander Ciere
Alexander CiereProject Coordinator
Alexander supports the client service managers wherever needed. He makes sure nothing is lost in translation between the departments of CG. So for instance he connects the client service managers with the scriptures and the project managers.
Bas Poot
Bas PootScripter
Bas programmes questionnaires for both qualitative and quantitative research. He is also the Data Protection Officer and the go to guy for any questions regarding the General Data Protection Regulation within CG.

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