Your concept tested within 8 days among 400 participants? We can make it happen!

For an online photo service for the Dutch and Flemish markets, our client developed a new brand positioning. This development raised the question of whether the new design fits the target group, but also what the associations are and whether the new style scores better on the KPI’s compared to the current style.

To find answers to these questions, CG facilitated the full quantitative research. We started with programming and designing questionnaires and carried the questionnaires out to 200 Dutch and 200 Flemish participants. This project involved a specific target group, namely women aged between 30 to 50 years old, with a modal income and earlier experience in ordering photo books online. To have a clear overview of the results CG drew up six legible factsheets (using the data sets and the online charts dashboard) summarising the most important findings and conclusions. Naturally we also provide the client with the data sets and the online charts dashboard in which we based our conclusions.

With a process time of eight days and a budget of 4300 euro our client is able to use the results and our factsheets for future strategy sessions and developments.

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