Fair estimate of feasibility

Prior to starting up a project we always give you a fair estimate of the feasibility of recruiting your target group. And you can rely on one thing: if we say we are going to find your participants, we will.

The recruitment method we use depends on the target group, the type of research and the client’s wishes. And the best results are often realized by using a combination of these 5 methods.

Method 1: Panel

The CG panel consists of 25,000 active Dutch participants, who have registered to participate in research. We can target this group of people in a very specific way because we know a lot of the demographic criteria and standard data such as type of car, energy supplier, insurance and bank.

We approach our panel with 3 different methods:

  • WhatsApp: Respondents have indicated to us whether we can approach them via WhatsApp. If this is the case, we will send them a message. The response is so much better than via e-mail. You probably recognize that in your own private situation. WhatsApp is the only way to reach the younger generation; e-mail is the mailbox that is emptied every few weeks.

  • By phone: If the data we have from a panel member shows that someone probably meets the target group (for example, drives a Volkswagen Golf), we call this person immediately.

  • E-mail: We approach a group of people in our panel very specifically by e-mail. They fill out a questionnaire and we determine whether they will pass the pre-selection. They are then called to ask the right questions and to test verbal skills.

Method 2: Social media

“Never underestimate the power of social media”. CG has over 20,000 followers on social media. We can extend this range by advertising on different platforms. These respondents end up in our pre-screening survey and we call them to check if they belong in the target group.

Method 3: Snowballing

Snowballing means using the network of our panel members. We have very involved panel members we call “CG Ambassadors” throughout the country. These ambassadors are familiar with market research and stimulate people in their network to participate too. With this method some difficult to reach target groups are also accessible to us.

Straatwerving CG

Method 4: Street Recruitment

If the target group is traceable at a specific location, we recruit on the street. For example, in our search for respondents with a delivery truck, we recruited in a parking lot of a construction market.

Method 5: Client’s database

It is also possible to recruit participants from a client’s database:

  • By phone: The customer in a client’s database are called by one of our trained colleagues. This discipline requires a different approach because these people are often not familiar with market research.

  • E-mail: We notice these participants like to be approached by e-mail first. Then they have time to read the invitation and see if the research fits their schedule. If they reply that they would like to participate, we will call them and go through all the details of the research.

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